Free fill dirt for construction companies

March 19, 2019

When companies excavate dirt from their construction sites, they often don’t have a use for it. Frequently, they pile it up in a big mound and then pay for a removal company to take it away.

The problem is that all that excavated dirt might have value, especially to companies like yours. There are all kinds of ways that you could put fill dirt to use, and what’s more, the dirt itself is usually free.

Grade And Level Ground

Some landscaping requires that you grade and level ground. You might need to level ground to build new roads or do landscaping for a customer's garden. With free fill dirt, you can make the whole process much cheaper than it would be going to a specialist supplier.

Build A Pad For A Future Home

Builders need even ground when they’re constructing new homes. You can use free dirt to build a pad for a future home.

Fill A Trench

Trenches represent a problem in many situations and need to be filled. With free fill dirt, you can quickly fill trenches and get on with work.

Where Can I Find Free Fill Dirt Near Me?

Earth Movement connects with excavators, construction companies and landscape enterprises to manage and distribute their fill. These firms often see fill as waste and are willing to pay to have it taken off their hands. The result? You get the fill you need dirt cheap delivered right to your construction site. What could be better than that?


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