Make Receiving Fill Dirt a Breeze: Your Site Prep Guide

February 20, 2024

So you've found the perfect recycled fill dirt for your project through Earth Movement – awesome! But before the excitement of delivery takes over, remember: proper site preparation is key to a smooth and efficient process. Don't worry, it's not rocket science! Follow these simple tips to ensure your site is ready to welcome its earthy new addition:

1. Measure and Mark:
Before anything, accurately measure your project area and mark the boundaries clearly. This helps both you and the hauler estimate the amount of fill needed and avoid placement mishaps. Use stakes, flags, or spray paint to define the borders.

2. Clear the Ground:
Remove any debris, vegetation, or existing structures that might interfere with fill placement. This includes trash, rocks, stumps, and even overgrown plants. Remember, responsible disposal is crucial, so check local regulations regarding debris management.

3. Assess the Landscape:
Take a good look at the unevenness of your terrain. For larger projects, consider grading the area beforehand to create a more level base for easier fill distribution. This isn't always necessary for smaller fills, but proper assessment helps maximize efficiency.

4. Consider Drainage:
Think about where water will flow after the fill is placed. Ensure proper drainage to prevent pooling or erosion. Depending on your project, creating swales or installing drainage pipes might be necessary.

5. Access and Maneuvering:
Plan an accessible route for the delivery truck to reach your designated fill area. Make sure there's enough space for the truck to maneuver and unload comfortably. Remember, clear communication with the hauler about access points is key.

6. Prepare for Placement:
If you're planning to spread the fill yourself, consider renting appropriate equipment like a bobcat or wheelbarrow. For larger projects, discuss spreading and compaction options with your chosen hauler.

Bonus Tip: Take pictures of your site before and after preparation. This documentation can be helpful during the project and even for future reference.

With these simple steps, you'll be ready to receive your fill dirt with confidence! Remember, Earth Movement connects you with experienced haulers who can offer guidance and ensure a smooth delivery process. Happy filling!

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